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SEPTEMBER 09, 10, 11 2016


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Sri Lanka Tiles & Sanitary Ware International Expo 2016 - Building a strong foundation for Growth

Sri Lanka Tiles & Sanitaryware Expo is designed for architects, interior designers/specifiers engineers, resident consumers & research professionals. The objective of Ceramics, Tiles & Sanitaryware Expo is to provide a unique platform to explore, customize & personalize the function and aesthetics of front elevations, rooms, kitchens, baths & adjacent areas wherever used.
It would be bringing together manufacturers, dealers, end users to explore & do business together under one roof. Designing, specifying and supplying state-of-the-art products & accessories to create the rooms, kitchens & bathrooms of commercial & residential buildings would be targeted.


Sri Lanka's economy contonued to grow robustly in 2014. The gross domestic product grew by 7.4% during 2014, up slightly from 7.2% a year earlier. The construction industry accounts for nearly 7.1 % of the Gross Domestic Product. The outlook is for a continued strong economic performance aided by generally favorable global conditions. In line with the government's policy, efforts are intensified to atract investments to target sectors in which Sri Lanka has strong foundation for growth as well as areas where it is nationally important to develop. Infrastructure Projects is one of the Target Sectors Actively Promoted by Sri Lanka. Growth of private sector credit for construction purposes has increased significantly, which reflects the increased involvement of private sector in the construction industry.

Why You Should Invest in Sri Lanka?
* Strategic Access to Key Markets in the World
* Only country in the world that has Free Trade Agreements with both India & Pakistan
* Strong Resilient Economy
* Foreign Investor Support
* The government has planned to transform Sri Lanka into a strategically important economic centre by developing five strategic hubs; a knowledge hub, a commercial hub, a naval & maritime hub, an aviation hub, and an energy hub, taking the advantage of Sri Lanka's strategic location & resources.

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